Women through the ages  

Women’s Ideal Body Types Throughout History

It’s comforting to know at one point in history i had the “ideal” figure. I just found this video particularly interesting, it just goes to show how today’s perceptions of beauty will quickly be tomorrow’s idea of ugly. Have a watch, which era do you think your beautiful body belongs in?


Stephen Fry versus the egg

Gay Byrne interviewing Stephen fry on god
During one of my many “scroll the internet until your eyes fall out” sessions, i stumbled across two very contrasting views on god and life. I am not the most religious person and definitely not a strong believer of any one faith but the two videos struck a chord.
The human encyclopedia that is Stephen Fry stated that god is  “utterly evil”, “capricious, mean-minded, stupid” and “monstrous”…well someone put a quarter in the blaspheming jar. I understand a lot of his points about why do bad things happen to good people blah blah blah but in terms of religion: what is faith without trust? Isn’t the first rule of many religions to put your trust in God? Maybe it is all a test to see which of us can believe in something when all the odds are stacked against us.
Secondly i don’t believe we can blame or condemn the world being a bad place on our lord. We are the problem. Humans. We are a selfish self involved species that created war, famine, global warming. WE are the disease of our own planet and instead of asking a higher power to save us, we should first save ourselves.  Of course there are hurricanes and tornado’s that kill the lives of many but these are natural tragedies that occur, i mean what do you expect to happen if you live on a living breathing terrestrial planet.
The Egg- by Andy weir 
Before you press play i warn you the acting is awful. Like really bad. I cringed a little watching it and i did skip the middle section, however the end humbled me. This video is an adaptation of Andy Weir’s short story ‘The egg’ which you can read here. Although i don’t believe in this idea that we are every human that ever lived, i did resonate with the idea that we should empathize with people from every walk of life. When the homeless man walked past another homeless man and reciprocated the love he wish he had received it opened my eyes. Any one of us could have had many outcomes in our lives. We could have been extremely fortunate and a CEO of a company or a heroin addict living on the cold streets. We are collectively all humans made from the same hardware and should therefore show love and compassion as we would wish to receive it.

No one will be able to prove or disregard God’s existence however what we can do is show love for ourselves and others. Love is something we can see and feel and we don’t need to put our faith in it to believe.

What are your thoughts? Do you lean more towards Stephen Fry or Andy Weir?

Selfie stick or the wand of narcissus?

Selfie stick
/ˈsɛlfi stɪk/ (noun)

• An elongated rod, usually made out of plastic or steel, with a camera on one end and a dense moron on the other.
I often contemplate whether a selfie stick is a revolutionary gizmo that has enabled tech savvy individuals to progress in the modern world. However i also contemplate whether this new gadget has profoundly enhanced narcissism to already self indulged individuals. Introducing the the era of the Narcissistick.
I am a self proclaimed photo taking, video capturing and snapchat sending fiend. I have always enjoyed capturing moments with friends, family, and every day life occurrences. However even i have found myself retracting from this new ‘revelation’ and now hang my head in shame for ever being part of the culture.
The photos taken by said stick always appear uncomfortable, awkward and rather self indulged. As humans we seem to have this inadvertent need to parade our self worth to the masses. I guess it’s similar to the animal world but instead of puffing out our feathered chests to show the animal kingdom we are important, we simply take a pretentious picture of ourselves on a Caribbean island.
Why do we do this? Why are we so obsessed with dressing up our mundane lives and exerting it in such a self approving way. It is an illness that no selfie taker should relish in.

A friend told me that a new study found that an abundance of restaurant customers had complained about their food being cold due to the time they spent taking pictures of it. I think she made this study up, however she raises a good point. The second we are presented food in an attractive manner, we physically can’t dig in until we have instragram’d the shit out of our eggs benedict with a side of soy coffee, with the froth in the shape of a cat. It’s madness.
Imagine if historians uncovered a startling discovery about our ancestors – The cavemen. They find footage of neanderthals setting out for their weekly hunt in search of a mesmerizing meal for both the eyes and the stomach. They shortly return with the ingredients, however this is actually where the hard work begins. They find a picturesque backdrop before placing the perfectly arranged bloodied boar carcass in front of it. They carefully snap the bones and re-arrange it to form a heart, which is bludgeoned on top of the animals head. However they don’t stop there, oh no. They search for the perfect sized leaves from a nearby tree and analytically decipher where to place them. This is used not just for garnish but also for decoration. They then would walk to the biggest and largest cave wall, get out there picks and carefully engrave the image of the meal they had made. The wall in itself is the first signs of primitive social networking. Once the tribes in nearby caves have seen this miraculous carving of food porn, the cavemen returns to eat his now cold meal. To which he finds does not taste as good as the carving perceives.

Sounds ridiculous right? THEN WHY ARE WE BLOODY DOING IT.
I recently went for a meal at Cafe rouge and there was every opportunity for me to take a picture, i ordered escargot and duck confit for god’s sake. The temptation was high. However i decided to enjoy the company and just taste the food for what it was, not a picture or a moment but a food. A bloody delicious food.

Further reading:
Study: We’ll Enjoy Food More If You Don’t Instagram It

Katie Hopkins: Preacher or spawn of Satan?

Katie has been in the news a lot lately, especially since her appearance in the Big brother house and i couldn’t resist saying a little something something. I know a lot of people disagree with her and would rather see her burnt at the stake than being knighted by the Queen for her insightful views. However are her views too extreme or does she address relatively true issues that we fear to admit?
Let’s rate her claims with a high tech, state of the art Bar-o meter.

Katie’s views on:
Children’s names:

“A name, for me, is a short way of working out what class that child comes from. Do I want my child to play with them?”
“‘Hi, this is my daughter Charmaine’. I hear: ‘Hi, I am thick and ignorant’.”

Ok the thought that anyone would pass judgement on a child based on a name is cruel and unjust, however i know for a fact that some parents definitely make quick judgments based on trivial information. At Primary school an Indian girl in our school was not allowed to go to her best friend’s house because her christian parents didn’t approve. Clearly this is racist but it highlights how some parents can make a quick decision based on a child’s catergorized “label”. I can’t speak as a parent, however i believe many may make irrational decisions that they would never wish to admit.
Bar-O Meter says: No insight just waffle 

“To call yourself ‘plus size’ is just a euphemism for being fat. Life is much easier when you’re thinner. Big is not beautiful, of course a job comes down to how you look.”

I watched “Katie Hopkins- My fat story” and thought any experiment which involved gaining and losing large amounts of weight in such a short time is pretty idiotic, however there was something pleasing about watching Katie stuff her face, it was the only time her mouth was silenced. I do believe in her idea of “Eat less, move more”, however it’s ludicrous for her to dictate what people should look like, when she her self is medically under weight. This taps into a whole other issue of the rise in anorexic and bullemic individuals in the community. By her nationally stating “Thin is in”, only works towards encouraging eating disorders and discouraging the obesity epidemic.

Bar-O Meter says: Voice of the silent Majority
Ginger babies:

“Ginger babies. Like a baby. Just so much harder to love.”

Pure evil, no words. I have had a lot of ginger friends and they are stunningly beautiful and have beautiful features.

Bar-O Meter says: Treason, Off with your head!

“Women don’t want equal treatment, they couldn’t handle it if they got it. It’s a tough world out there. What a lot of women are actually looking for is special treatment. What women need to realise is that they have to toughen up.”

Outrageous comment and an insult to generations of women that fought for women to vote, earn money and become their own person. Obviously an ignorant comment coming from a women that is disrespected in the workplace, not because she is a woman but because she is a disgrace.

                 Bar-O Meter says: Just for the attention

“Ramadan typically brings a spike in violence in Middle East. I get grumpy when I don’t eat – but I don’t blow things up. Religion of peace?”

Again an ignorant comment coming from a woman who has never done Ramadan so has no right to comment. Ramadan is actually a very meditative state and is a time for real Muslims to reflect on how privileged they are to have food. It is a time to give to charity and look after those who are more in need. Insulting a sacred holiday is rather unsavory but i can see she has intended it for comedic value. Ha Ha. Funny. Good One Katie.

Bar-O Meter says: No insight, just waffle

Do not feed the trolls

No i do not mean the lovable fury characters that brought joy to our childhoods, but rather the tyrannical, blood thirsty, soul demons of the Internet world. This specific breed of human lives deep within the isolation of their own self-hatred and use their time to project their self loathing upon others. BULLYS.

However this type of bully varies from the type you see in a school playground, and instead festers behind a computer screen where their identity is hidden but their affliction prevalent. It’s easy to spot a troll on the Internet, because they show an interest in every topic and sadly practise their free speech in the most obnoxious way.

Any article or video that i find of interest that really pushes social conceptions is quickly snatched away as my attention turns to ludicrous troll comments. Instead of ignoring comments and appreciating the work for what it is, the attention quickly turns to the voice of others.

I stumbled across a Youtuber called the Ugly face of beauty l and and found it so refreshing to see a young girl defy the social laws of beauty. She is a size 16 and in the past has struggled with self esteem as she was bullied from a young age. This had a domino affect and led to her self-harming, having an eating disorder and  severe depression. I found her story really moving but was shocked to discover the amount of abuse she gets from trolls commenting on her appearance, which had led to her depression getting worse. However she inspired me when she said “I could have easily given up Youtube but it’s the one thing that makes me happy, so why would i let them take that?”. Yes girl.

Also i saw an Ad for a new Channel 4 drama called ‘Cyberbullying’ it mostly caught my eye because Maisie Williams (Game of thrones actress) plays the victim in the series, something she knows all too well. During the Game of thrones hype i just remember how much abuse she got when she was only 13! It’s hard to get my head around trolls that prey on individuals let alone such young individuals.

Why i think people troll

Self-loathing and jealousy. I think the media industry creates such a cold, detached medium that in turn disconnects and disenfranchises “the average joe” with the stars they see in the media. As viewers all we see is the beauty, the fame and social divide. The characters we see see on television are just that, characters, not humans. If you were to face a troll with it’s victim, they would never be able to conjure up the strength to attack someone in such a malice way. Celebrities are dehumanised to the public which leaves their souls open for the vultures to feast. I don’t think the solution is making celebrities seem more human because why should they have to prove to the world that they have emotions and feelings like everyone else. I think the problem stems from the attention we put into ‘celebrities’, we put them on a pedestal and idolise them from down below, when instead we should see each other as equals.

Yourself truly dressed as an actual troll

In the News: Elastic Brain

More senseless controversy appears in the news over Sia’s latest music video for ‘Elastic heart’. The video stars 10 year old dancer Maddie Ziegler and Shia Leboaf. Viewers have misinterpreted the video to glamorise pedophilia and find it incredibly inappropriate to portray both characters together. The thought of skin and proximity of the two artists has obviously hit the hearts of tired housewives that have forgotten the meaning of Art.

Sia, like many other artists use videos as a medium to bring deeper meaning to their songs. Look no further than Rihanna and Eminem-Love the way you lie depicting domestic abuse, to Ed Sheeran- A team showing the struggles with drug addiction. Sia could be trying to show the struggles with mental illness however more likely , conflicting selves.

I personally found it refreshing to see such an original music video that was strong, bold and emotional. I think music video’s are loosing more money than in the past and they may become irrelevant in the future. Therefore it’s nice to see Sia being exactly who she is: An Artist. In every sense of the word from her music, to her video’s to her fashion.

The lyrics to the song “Well, I’ve got thick skin and an elastic heart” should have played a clear indicator to critics that misjudged the video. Shia Leboaf represents her strong thick skin she has developed over the years, whereas her elastic heart seeps through her control (the metal cage). I think people’s perceptions of this video shows how limited their vision is, they view the world at face value and never look at deeper issues or problems underlying it.

Sorry viewers not every music video can be thirty 23 year olds partying in a club to the latest Flo-Rida track. I honestly think if i saw this video in a theater without the music, it would still come across incredibly intense and beautiful.

In the news: Scientists shirt may cause blindness

“British project scientist Dr Taylor for the Rosetta mission, helps land the Philae spacecraft on a comet, a remarkable day for humanity and science alike.”

This is what headlines should have read on November 12th following the press appearance by Dr Taylor, including the research and dedication that made the landing a success.However Dr Taylor was thrown to the feminazi wolves which mercilessly broke him down and ended any form of celebration for this day in history.

Once the pictures emerged of the “Scantily clad” shirt Dr Taylor wore at the press conference, all hell had broke loose at the hands of trolls within the twittersphere. Watching the man reduced to tears, voice breaking and wearing the most accepted of outfits was unsavory and uncomfortable to watch.

Stories like this in the news made by feminazi’s only do harm and silence the voices of real feminists. These people don’t understand the harm they are bringing to their own cause, and end up working against and not for their gender. His shirt is not a REAL feminist issue and by making it an issue it makes our voice not likely to be heard when there is a real issue at hand.